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Thread: Zimbra and Yahoo Error?

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    Default Zimbra and Yahoo Error?


    New here so if I ask a dumb question forgive me. I have been using zimbra to amanage my yahoo accounts, some personal and some business, I have 5 email accounts running.

    One, very important business account is constantly showing off line, error message etc, and when people have tried to email me their email is bouncing back to them.

    For the time being I have had to forward my emails to another, ironically still on zimbra so is this a yahoo or zimbra problem. The email I am having problems with is a large account and not sure if that is something to do with it, just questions because I have no idea but it is important to resolve.

    thanks for all the help, hopefully.....

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    If people are having messages bounce back to them that is something on the yahoo server side. If business accounts have size limits you might want to check if your account is hitting the limit for your account?

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