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Thread: Multiple Accounts / Mailboxes per User

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    Question Multiple Accounts / Mailboxes per User

    We are looking for a webmail client that can handle multiple accounts being able to retrieve mail from different email server per user ie. to act as a unified email client to embed in our product.

    for example

    - retrieve email from several different domains/accounts, ie. everal domans + say GMAIL

    Note that it does not need to SEND from ore than one server, so one Authenticated SMTP server will be fine
    We just need to get mail from multiple accounts.

    I know there are hack using fetchmail and other methods, just hopeing someone has an addon thats a bit tidier?

    So Q is - are there any plugsin/hacks to support this, or is it just not possible based on its original design architecture?
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    You can setup External Accounts within the Preferences of each account, where it can pull email from outside POP3/IMAP accounts on a schedule.

    Keep in mind that Zimbra isn't just a webmail client, but its rather an entire collaboration suite.

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    As long as the external mailservers have either pop or imap access you'll be fine.

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    Just to be clear, Zimbra Desktop is not a webmail client. It does not run from inside a web browser. It installs an email client much like MS Outlook or any other desktop app. It would have to be installed on any PC's where you want to run it and it would have to be set up for the accounts for that PC.

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