I installed ZD 2.0 beta today and found an issue after importing all my stuff from the Zimbra backend (5.0.something):

My briefcase tab is always initially empty. When I click on the Briefcase tab, the file pane is empty and shows "No results found". This is despite the fact that the menu on the left shows with grey that my account Briefcase section is selected. However, I can fix that by clicking on the Briefcase menu item in the left. After the click the briefcase contents is shown.

If I then go to some other tab (for example Calendar) and come back to my Briefcase tab, it is initially empty again and I have to click the Briefcase menu item again to make briefcase contents shown.

I think this is a bug, Briefcase tab should behave like Calendar/Tasks, i.e. it should show by default the contents of the Briefcase?