I posted yesterday but have no idea how to find the posting to see if anyone answered. Very confusing forum.
Yesterday I started to get a virus warning from my AVG anti virus. Then it was told zimbra could not connect to the server altho I had no problem surfing the web. Then a message that "the connection was refused when trying to connect to Uninstalled, installed, logged off and on, after trying over and over I got "no results" in the window pane....blank.

Today it opened and I thought you had found the problem and fixed it as I did find others saying they had the same problem. After opening two accounts just fine the virus error message came up again. Then I got a send zimbra error report which I did. Now I get "cannot connect to server" and "no results' in the windowpane.

Don't you send replies to our email inboxes? How will I ever find this post to see if you answer. bellestarr99@yahoo.com