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Thread: Disk space general question

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    Smile Disk space general question

    Hi all,
    I'm new administrator in my company and i am currently discovering our zimbra server that I know not so much about it.

    As far as I saw, the server still have about 27Go but seems to grow.
    I would like to know if there are operations to do, to empty the disk space.

    1) Any cleaning operation to do sometimes ? Or is it only the users can delete documents and make space ?

    2) Can someone tell me about that ? how its work in general manner ? Any recommended operation for the users ? for the administrator ?

    If you know about cleaning operation please try to detail it as I m not familliar with the zimbra interface yet.

    3) if there is no cleaning operation or nothing special to do to reclaim disk space, what is the good way to extend space (im on a linux server) with Zimbra ?

    Thanks a lot for taking time to read and answering by advance.

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    Hi Xenus98,

    You could implement restriction policy for mailboxes to control free disk space on server. You could do this from the web interface - Configuration->Class of Service->defaulf (or any other)->Advanved tab (in the right pane)->Quotas->Account quota (MB).

    There is special tab in Monitoring->Server Statistics->'your_server_name'->Mailbox Quota tab (in the right pane) to see quota usage.


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