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Thread: How Do I Get Back The Address Book , Tags And Drafts Etc

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    Post How Do I Get Back The Address Book , Tags And Drafts Etc

    1. It is observed that Zimbra Desk Top does not syncronise the draft folder, address book, notes/ documents, briefcase, tasks, calenders and signatures.

    2. If the Desk Top is used on different computers by the same user, how can the above be synchronised?

    3. Due to malware etc if the desktop is fully installed including data, and reinstalled, how to get back the data in the folders as mentioned in sl 1 above.

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    1. What ZD can or can't synchronize is determined by the server that you are connecting to. If this is a Zimbra server I believe all the items that you mentioned should be being synced. If this is not a Zimbra server your results may vary, but for the most part you should only be able to sync Email, Address book, and possibly Calendar.

    2. See 1, a user connecting to the same account on a Zimbra server from different locations should have all of that synced. If it isn't a Zimbra server generally it will work fine if you are using IMAP to connect to the server.

    3. Never tried this myself but you could try installing the exact same version of ZD, stopping the services after install, copying over the old install's folder, and then starting the services again and seeing if that works.

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