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Thread: ZD Server settings?

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    Default ZD Server settings?

    I have just installed Zimbra Desktop. I simply cannot locate the mail settings for incoming and outgoing mail. I am running version with Windows Vista Sp2. I am trying to set up my Zimbra mail client from my Intuit Websites HMail account. Where can I find the incoming and out going mail servers. And while I am here where will I find that same info for mail and
    Thank you very much

    NickNacks Plus LLC

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickNacks View Post
    I am running version ....
    AFAIK, there is no version of ZD with that build number. You'll either be running a ZD 1.0.x or ZD 2 beta 1. Anyway, the settings you require are on the Setup page, top right in the ZD GUI.


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