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Thread: Multiple ZCS Account Calendar Management

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    Default Multiple ZCS Account Calendar Management

    Zimbra Desktop V 2.0, RC ? (latest version)

    I access / manage 3 mail / calendar accounts inside Zimbra desktop, all working off a direct network connection to a ZCS Server.

    When trying to create an appointment in any of the calendars inside the V2.0 Desktop client the subject and location are locked. To unlock these I am required to click on Schedule to open the availability in the calendar before making the appointment.

    The appointment then appears in my calendar but does not synch with the ZCS. As such appointments made for other users do not show in their calendars.

    To get the appointments to show in the other calendars I am forced to create them in the ZCS web client. Thereafter they appear in my calendar and those of the other users.

    Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue with multiple calendars?
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