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Thread: Run rules on mail in folder??

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    Question Run rules on mail in folder??

    I am setting up rules/filters for mail to be sorted into various folders, however, I am unable to find where I click to run all the filters on main folder. So at present I am having to shift messages one by one. Such a simple thing, but I really would love to know how to get the program to do this for me as it is so time consuming, and I personally have far more interesting things to do with my time.


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    If you are using the 5.0 (Franklin) branch of Zimbra, you are out of luck. The filter operation happens as the mail is being transfered, and doesn't happen interactively after mail has been delivered to a mailbox. I don't have experience with version 6, but according to bug 1112, the feature has been added to 6.
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    From ZWC in V6 you can create new filters and run them over the Inbox. I would hope this will also be in ZDC 2 when it is launched.

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