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Thread: Assign Mail to person

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    Default Assign Mail to person


    We need your help to discuss about a situation...

    In our organisation we have a adress email : support@... to get message about bugs/questions/ask help from customers.
    All messages for this adress comes into a shared repository (all users in the organisation can see it) and when someone is concerned he moves the message in his "Inbox".

    A software on each user's computer notifies that a mail is in the share repository.

    Problems :
    - If nobody takes the mail (perhaps responsible is absent), all people get the notification all the day...
    - There is no trace to know who has taken the mail to process it.

    Do you have ideas to do better without installation another program (like CRM) ?
    We think using tags (to say this is assign to user XXX) but tags are not available with shared repository with last version of Zimbra.

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    read about shared or family mailboxes
    Mailboxes: Sharing vs. Relationships » Zimbra :: Blog

    also search for forums about them..may be this will work for you to certain degree.

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