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Thread: Calendar not saving correct time!

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    Default Calendar not saving correct time!

    I am having an issue with my calendar. Every time I go to save an appointment, it will send the attendee an email to accept/decline. When the email is sent, it is adding an hour onto any appointment I save. For example, when I save an appointment from 2PM-2:30PM, it will save on the main calendar under 2PM- yet it will email the attendee that it starts at 3PM. We have checked the time zones and they are set correctly. I was not having this problem prior to the time change over the weekend.

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    Since this just started after the DST switch, this certainly seems like it is a timezone setting somewhere. I am assuming that you have verified the timezones w/in the Zimbra account themselves. Have you checked the timezones of your client machine's OS as well?

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    I have verified the timezones with in Zimbra and also on my Mac. They are all set to the correct timezone.

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    Default More timezone issues

    I'm also having timezone issues with ZD 2.0 beta 2, in my case it's the sync.

    When I created a recurring appointment on my Nokia phone with instances on both sides of the DST switch and sync it to Zimbra, the appointments after the DST switch appear 1hr later than before the switch in ZD.

    For example the appointment at 17:30 was at 17:30 before the switch but in all instances after the switch date it shows at 18:30 in my Zimbra Desktop.

    I filed a bug report but the rejection comment was that my phone has the wrong time zone. I don't think this is the correct answer, my Nokia phone switches the time zone automatically and the recurring appointment shows always correctly at 17:30 on my phone. Moreover, I sync the data from one Nokia phone to another via ZCS and the other Nokia phone also shows the appointment time correctly. The only place it shows incorrectly is my ZD.

    So maybe there are some more general time zone issues in ZD?

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