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Thread: Automatic filter on sent emails

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    Default Automatic filter on sent emails

    I have almost achieved a universal inbox using Zimbra. I have all of my imap accts sync'd to Zimbra, but now I am trying to ensure that all of my Sent Items remain in sync across all of my email platforms.

    Because Zimbra does not allow me to use my external provider's SMTP server, I created a sent mail filter so that if I use a persona for one of my external mail accts I want to file that sent mail into the Sent Items folder for my IMAP account.

    I have the filter working fine, but the only problem is that it does not run automatically. I can get the filter to work fine when I run it manually, but auto filters only seem to run on inbox not outbox.

    Can anyone help me? Anyone know if Zimbra has or plans support for external SMTP servers?

    Thank you.

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    Are you asking about Zimbra Desktop or Zimbra Collaboration Suite?

    ZCS is a SMTP server (among many other things), and as such isn't really designed to be used like it sounds like you are trying to use it.

    Zimbra Desktop (what you should be using if you are not), allows you to set a SMTP server on a per account basis.

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