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The 2.0 beta has been working fine for me so far, however there have been a few threads with issues people have seen, most are tagged in some sort for it. One thing to note though is there is not (currently) migration of data from 1.0 to 2.0 so you will need to re-set up all your accounts in 2.0. Since you are running on a mac you should be able to have both 1.0 and 2.0 installed, not sure about running at the same time though.
I've only set up my main account, and no POP3 accounts. I wasn't going to set up everything, and then find out I didn't care for Zimbra for one reason or another. I like to experiment first, from start to finish, before I set things up whole hog.

Check out Microsoft to open up Outlook .PST data format for a bit more details on that if you want.
Interesting that MS didn't tell you when they were going to do all of this. And I know the PST files for 2007 are different from 2003. With my virtual machine on the Mac, I wanted to set up Outlook 2003 under XP and Outlook 2007 under Vista to access the same PST file, located on a Mac part drive. Then I found out that the file formats were different.

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