Before I screw things up and cause myself a lot of extra work...

I'm assuming the Outlook Connector will work with ZD. The title on the manual for the Outlook Connector wizard talks only about using it with ZCS, and I haven't had time yet to read it.

And of course, the manual assumes I'm using Windows, and I'm not. I'm using a Mac for my primary computer these days.

So, here's some questions:

1. Does the connector work when you want to migrate the Outlook file from a Windows XP installation to a Mac OS X 10.5.8 installation?

2. My Outlook/XP install is on a virtual machine, Parallels Desktop, on the Mac. Will the connector be able to transfer the PST from the virtual machine to the Mac?

3. Just in general, because the hardware is not up and running (undergoing major repairs due to failed power supply), is it fairly easy to transfer the mail folders and settings from the Mac's ZD installation to any other ZD install on another computer/OS installation? I'm not interested in copying or syncing the data from tasks, calendar, etc., just the mail and contacts lists, plus any updates after the initial setup. Only the Mac installation will be set to delete the files from the server.

For the moment, that's all I can think of.