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Thread: Messages migration from old installation to new one

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    Default Messages migration from old installation to new one


    I have the following question/issue :

    In the past I installed the zdesktop on a linux system. I synchronized and saves a lot of mails from our ZCS.. Now I must change/reinstall my system (take a backup before) .. Now I made a new fresh installation (and at the same time the new version.. How to recover from my previous mails ?

    Is it possible to copy the file form the directory ../0/1/ , ../1/2 or something like that.. I did not seen an import function ...

    In the new install I have some new mails from the zcs...

    Thanks a lot

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    I checked, after time to read the wiki and the documentation , if the export function is working. it seems ok.. Now I must check if I can restart the old zdesktop installation . Yesterday that was not ok... under kdm ... i will try it under was ok before.. and than i will export to the new installation..

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