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Thread: Contact and mail import

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    Unhappy Contact and mail import

    Hallo. I've installed with success Zimbra on my Mac, using it to manage different mailboxes and I'm happy of it, with two exceptions:

    - Importing mail (from Thunderbird). I created the TGZ files and imported them. Every import creates the exported mails in my mailbox + some empty mails I have to delete any time. Why?

    - Importing of contacts. Absolutely impossible. I have a big contact outlook 2007 archive on a pc, I exported it in CSV (Dos). When I try to import I obtain empty contacts on Zimbra where only the "note" fiels can be seen. Can't the import be made more simple?

    I don't want to leave Zimbra, finding it a beautiful software, but I cannot survive and work without my contacts!
    Thanks, Andrea

    ONE MORE THING: the Zimbra desktop is the Italian version. Any mail is checked by a dictionary which supposed I'm writing in English. How to change it?
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