Dear All,

I have read this post and searched through the forums.

I am using Zimbra Desktop 1.0.4 Build 1833 on Opensuse Linux 11.2.

My IMAP Server is SME Server 7.4 ( using imapfront imap server.

The sent mail folder in SME Server is called sent-mail and the junk mail folder is called junkmail

I have an IMAP email account configured and working correctly except for two things:

1: I cannot manage my folder subscriptions like I would in any normal standards compliant IMAP client, so I cant un-subscribe from folders I dont want to see.

2: I cannot make Zimbra sync my outgoing email with the IMAP servers sent-mail folder. So when I use the SME server HORDE webmail interface I cannot see my sent email.

3: I cannot make Zimbra sync my junk email with the IMAP servers junkmail folder, and therefore my Bayesian Learning anti-spam doesnt work, unless I manually drag and drop the emails there.

I cannot change these folder names on the imap server. It causes many templates to break and does not survive upgrades of the server.

I have seen some notes about how to make changes along these lines for ZCS ( the full server) but I cant see how to do this for a third party Imap Server and zimbra DESKTOP

Can what I am trying to do be done? This was always a gripe with Outlook too, but this was changed with Office 2007 and is now possible.

Any help appreciated.