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Thread: Syncing only unread messages

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    Default Syncing only unread messages

    My boss uses a netbook on the road. He doesn't go on the road often, maybe every couple of months. Well as you can imagine, he doesn't want his inbox to donwload a thousand emails he has already read over the past 2 months. Especially over a slow (mobile) netwrok connection. Is is possible to have ZD only sync unread messages? I have seen the option to turn off syncing for personal folders, but not inbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I only have been using Zimbra fro a couple of months so by no means am i an expert " Yet".

    I have found that you can not set it to download unread messages. However you can set up a Zimbra mail filter to send unread messages to different locations such as any sub folder.

    I would also like to ask, Is your boos using Zimbra with a hosted Exchange?
    If not i would think about looking into that because of the synchronization in real time from Exchange to Client and Device and vise-versa.

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    Thanks for the reply. That sounds like it would have worked, but he has already had me uninstall the program, and said he'll just conitinue to use the online version. The only reason we even went to ZDT is because we all have 2 emails here now, one for vendors, and one for customers. ZDT just seemed to be the obvious choice since it supported multiple accounts. I could have gone to Thunderbird, but everyone at the office is already use to the zimbra web version, and I didn't want a steep learning curve. Again, thanks for your reply.

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