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Thread: Task shortcuts do not work

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    Default Task shortcuts do not work

    Zimbra Desktop lists the following shortcuts for tasks:

    MC - Mark Complete
    MU - Mark Incomplete

    However, they just plain do not work. I've tried 1.0.4, 2.0 beta 1 (wasn't beta 2 supposed to be out 3/1 err 3/22?). I've tried it on Linux and Win7.

    What gives?

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    In case anyone at Zimbra cares, due to the numerous defects I've found in both the "desktop" client and the web client in my two whole days of testing, I have ditched my Zimbra hosted provider and went back to hosted exchange.

    It costs more than twice as much, but frankly I need a client that isn't incredibly buggy. More than that I need to know that the company making my client is a semi responsible. Microsoft may be slow to fix defects sometimes, but I've run into a couple of Zimbra issues that I see others complaining about in 2007.

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