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Thread: POP3 and POP Same?

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    Default POP3 and POP Same?


    I am new to Zimbra and became interested in the product once Vmware acquired the company from Yahoo. I am having some difficulty... My goal is to consolidate 3 email accounts into Zimbra for easy sync and reply. Currently, 2 of these accounts are (Cablevision email service based on Long Island, NY). I am receiving error messages with the POP provided, but noticed it does NOT say POP3. Are these different? Does Zimbra support Cablevision? Does anyone know how to check.

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    I assume you're talking about Zimbra Desktop? If you are then you posted in the wrong forums and you also posted on the end of a thread that has nothing to do with your question.

    To answer your question, the terms POP & POP3 are interchangeable - i.e. they mean the same thing.


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