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Thread: Desktop not syncing new mail

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    Default Desktop not syncing new mail

    I am no longer getting new mail with Zimbra Desktop. If I log into the webmail all new mail is there but desktop won't sync the new mail. I have to reset the account to get new mail but then it will stop syncing new mail again. Any ideas whats wrong?

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    I am not the one that might be able to provide a solution for you, but I would suggest that you post the zd version that you're using, as well as what kind of email service you are connecting to (gmail, yahoo etc). That may help any responders sort out what the issue might be.

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    I would also consider the connection in which you are using to retrieve your messages/content.

    POP3 only pulls messages and you have to refresh every time you wish to gain messages.

    If you are looking for a more "real Time synchronization, i suggest looking into Hosted Exchange.

    Hosted Exchange by The Message Center.

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