Yesterday morning I left myself logged into the web client from home. I went to work played around w/ the server/setup a bit more, added some new filters and some mailboxes for example, all through the web client at work. All the filters said they were saved when I made the modifications, according to the page they are saved immediately after all. When I got home yesterday though the mailbox changes were reflected on the web client at home, but all the filter changes were lost. When I got back into work this morning I confirmed everything I did w/ filters yesterday was lost. Anyone have any idea what happened?

In a similar fashion, I setup multiple accounts on the Zimbra desktop on my Mac, namely trying to figure out how to access my NetAddress account ( and setting up access to our existing mail/IMAP server. However when I logged into the web client or the desktop client on my Windows machine, those other accounts are not there. Do I have to setup the accounts on each machine/client I access zimbra from? If I configure the accounts on the web client will they show up on the desktop clients?