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Thread: Problem with mail filters

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    Default Problem with mail filters

    The target:

    our customer receives too many mails, basically from 5 domains, letś say,,, and

    He wishes to move to trash AND forward mail to, any mails coming from the previously mentioned 5 domains ( to, EXCEPT if the mail came from, let's say,,,,, (this is, if a mail comes from, and it is not from, forward that mail to and store it in trash. Otherwise store it in mailbox; and likewise for,, etc).
    He also wishes to forward to any mail with a subject like "inscripcion en linea"

    The problem is, i have done this in many ways but for some reason, the filters work correctly for *, but they won't work for *

    How should I apply the filters? I'm really puzzled, i've tried many combinations with no improvement in the situation

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    Frankly I'm kind of puzzled too... in the sense of trying to figure out what it is you're doing in the first place

    Let me see if I can restate it so it makes sense to me. So you have mail coming to a single user from 5 domains. You want all mail to this user forwarded to a single address and then trashed on the original account, unless it comes from a specific user(s) from those other domains. Then you also want a specific exception for email that comes in w/ a specific subject line. Does that sound right?

    If so I think (and I stress that since I'm new to zimbra too) what might work is the following order ([stop] means use the don't process more filters checkbox):

    - specific subject exception -> forwarded to address and trashed(?) [stop]
    - the specific from addresses ( -> keep in inbox [stop]
    - the generic domain filters (* -> forward to address and trash

    Seems like that would work, is that similar to what you have? Something else you may want to try instead of actually listing the domains in the final filter, just create a filter whose conditions are always met ("subject must contain qwerty" or "subject must not contain qwerty" sort of thing) and have the result be forwarded and trashed.

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