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    Default PST imports

    Hi, I installed Zimbra desktop because I read that it can import .PST files exported from Outlook. However, now that I'm trying to import, it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know another way to import PST files? Thanks

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    When i needed to import .PST file from Outlook to Zimbra i use the Zimbra Import Wizard that you can download from your Zimbra administrative Console > Downloads > PST Import Wizard.

    Please reply back if you nee instructions on how to use this wizard, i do have a detail walk through at my disposal.

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    Can you post the instructions here? I would like to know the answer too. Thanks

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    Here you go, i do apologize for not replying sooner.

    Since Zimbra can not open Outlook .PST files, the Zimbra Import wizard is used as a bridge to migrate the data files.
    This article contains the steps needed to download and configure Zimbra Import Wizard for Outlook.

    1) Log in and open the Zimbra Admiistrative Console.

    2)Once logged in, on the far upper right of the screen, Click Downloads

    3) Under “Downloads for End Users.” Click “PST Import Wizard.” Save download to any location and open the application.

    4)Once opened, click Next through the opening welcome screen.

    5) Fill in all fields then proceed by clicking Next.
    Hostname: (This is provided by your Zimbra service provider.)
    Port: 443
    Use Secure Connection: checked
    Username: Mailbox address
    Password: Mailbox password

    6) Select ‘Browse’ to locate the .PST file being imported into Zimbra. By default the ‘Import into Account’ is unchecked. Checking the box ‘Import into Account’ allows you designate a specific E-mail box to import the selected .PST file. Once located / designated, click Next.

    7) Under ‘Selected Items’, select what data you will be importing. If the .PST file email address is different than the new Zimbra mailbox email address you can convert meeting requests by using the ‘Calendar Options’. When you have select the data to be imported select ‘Next’.

    8) Below is a brief description to tweek the parameters of what is being imported. Click Next when ready to proceed with the import.
    Folder Options: You can choose to import the Junk-Mail Folder and/or the Deleted Items Folder.

    Progress Logs: If there is previously imported information it is suggested that check this option so that duplicate items are not imported.
    Data Filter: You can choose whether mail past a certain date will be imported from the .PST file into the mailbox.

    Messages Without Body: This enables messages that do not include the body of the messages to be imported.

    Message Logging: This allows for extra data to be created if the import fails. For example, if a message is imported and this option is enabled, the message that failed to be imported is logged locally so that we can determine if the messages content was the cause of the failure. We suggest checking this.

    9)You will now be prompted to begin the import process. Click Ok. This process may take several minutes to complete depending on the size of the .PST file being imported. Once completed Click OK and either exit the program or import another .PST file using the above steps.

    This is pretty accurate, and should work.
    Hope this solves your .PST import issues.

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