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Thread: ZD2 Beta 2 and GMAIL

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    Question ZD2 Beta 2 and GMAIL

    When using ZD to access a GMAIL account via IMAP - when I delete messages they go into the ZD trash folder. These messages have been marked as read.

    I empty the trash in ZD and the messages are removed as expected. After a send/recv sync is done - when I log into my GMAIL account using the WEB interface - I find that the messages are marked as UNREAD and have been 'archived' - meaning they appear in "ALL MAIL" with no label.

    Does anyone know how to get GMAIL and ZD configured such that messages sent to ZD trash are actually sent to GMAIL trash and deleted as expected?

    I've tried several different settings and every now and again it works as expected. But most of the time the messages are 'archived' and not deleted.

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    It might be a bug. I have created ticket 46527.

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    Thank you! I may have found a work around - don't know if this will help you or not: I discovered that if I do a manual send/recv sync AFTER deleting messages in ZD but before clearing the trash, then do another manual sync after clearing the trash - it seems to work as expected. [Delete messages, manual sync (right click on the specific account as opposed to the all account send/recv button)while messages are still in ZD trash folder, clear trash, manual sync]

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