ZDesktop 2 beta 2, network install of AVG 9, ZCS 6.06 community.

Installed Zdesktop on a couple machines as a test. All was fine until I checked "show popup when message arrives" to have the really neat notification by the clock appear.

AVG 9 resident shield then complained as soon as a message was incoming that there was a FakeAlert virus:

C:\Documents and Settings\nkg\Local Settings\Application Data\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\store\incoming\1272532896531-533.msg Virus found FakeAlert Object is inaccessible.

There were loads of these for each time the pop up appeared.

I will raise this with avg as the only way to workaround is to either turn off resident shield or shut down the malware scanning and then restart zimbra desktop.

is this something zimbra can avoid or is there more info that can be sent to avg?