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Thread: Hotmail Not Syncing - No Error Reported

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    Default Hotmail Not Syncing - No Error Reported

    Everything was working fine until may 6th. I have 4 accounts syncing. 1 Gmail, 2 Google Apps and 1 Hotmail. The Hotmail account was setup via POP3.

    It was working perfectly until May 6th. Now, the little green "online" light is grayed out and when I press the "Send/Receive" button, nothing happens.

    All other Google accounts continue to work fine. I logged into my hotmail account via browser and it is working fine.

    Is there any recent change that could be impacting Hotmail sync?

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    I had a similar issue happened to me and i had to two things for it to start working again.

    1. go to Preferences > account > select the hotmail account.
    2. Click test Settings.

    Just doing this has been know to show you the problem in connection. Could be as simple as taking off the secure SSL connection. Also check with hotmail to see if they changed serer address.

    The second option was to remove and re-create the account from scratch.
    here is the configurations from Hotmail to configure the account;

    * Incoming Server:
    * Incoming Port: 995
    * SSL Encryption: yes
    * Outgoing Server:
    * Outgoing port: 25 (use port 587 if the default port is not working)
    * Authentication: yes
    * TLS Or SSL: yes

    Hope this helps

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