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Thread: Sync with Ical file?

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    Default Sync with Ical file?

    I have calendar app, a windows gadget of sorts.
    It used an ical file.

    Is there anyway to sync the calendar in one of my zimbra accounts with the ical?



    (i'm running the beta2)

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    Are both your "calender app" and ICAL connected to exchange or via IMAP?

    From what i know of ICAL you can assign delegates to view the Ical calender so tasks and meeting requests sync ot other calenders. (i.e Entourage , Outlook, Zimbra)

    However you will not be able to view the calender unless you have Ical. Blame Apple for that, im sure they will release an update that allows croos application syncing.

    Hope this helps.

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