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Thread: Signature image in mail looks wrong

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    Default Signature image in mail looks wrong

    I have a problem with my zibra signature,

    When i send my mails with my signature the receiver will see stange codes.
    And the image wich is the most important part, you can't see.

    Can someone help me to get a good picture in my signature.

    I'm using Zimbra Desktop Client and Web Client both on windows and open office.


    Andy van den Heuvel
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    Probably you have some HTML errors in your Zimbra signature.

    From the Preferences tab, if you go to edit your signature first click in the signature area, click CTRL-A to select the whole signature and then right-click (Firefox) and choose "View Selection Source".

    You can then copy and paste the HTML code into a separate HTML editor and fix things there.

    Once you have the HTML code all fixed, you can paste it all back in to your signature block; Zimbra supports pasting raw HTML into the signature block compose window.

    Hope that helps,

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