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Thread: Responding to a meeting invitation

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    Default Responding to a meeting invitation

    According to the help file it states that:

    When you are receive a meeting invitation, you receive an email notification in your Inbox and if you have the "Calendar preferences" Automatically add received appointments to calendar enabled, the meeting is also added to your default Calendar and marked New. You can quickly respond to the invitation either from the email Inbox or from the Calendar List pane.

    Great! This is just what I need!!! Except... I can not find Automatically add received appointments to calendar anywhere. I've checked in the calendar preferences, I've tried right clicking on the email and then creating an appointment, but that just creates a new appointment.

    Can anyone tell me where it is? I'm currently running ZD 2 beta2 b10414 windows 32

    Steps I've already taken:

    1. Clicked on the Preferences Tab
    2. In the Accounts Window under all accounts clicked on the calendar icon.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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    Default This _might_ only be for the ZCS server

    Not sure... I have ZCS 6.06, and I can see it in my Preferences, Calendar... see attachment. Not sure if it would be in ZD2 or not (or if it is scheduled to be at some point).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmcagulada View Post
    2. In the Accounts Window under all accounts clicked on the calendar icon.
    That would be under the Calendar options for your connection to a Zimbra server.


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