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    Default General Questions + Zimlets

    Hi all ... first time here & first post .. i have been wanting to ditch outlook for a loooooong time - tried using Thunderbird - which i quite liked, for a few years .... but for some reason that i can't remember ended up going back to outlook but again have become totally frustrated with it ... i found zimbra thru an article somewhere and have used it for about one month now

    i absolutely love the look and feel of zimbra ... it is way better than either Outlook or T'Bird in my opinion ...and lots of functionality that is very practical ...

    i didn't seem to have any installation problems on XP Pro using my (primary) Fastmail account as well as 2 x Gmail accounts ... i really, really love the integration of contacts, calender etc etc .... but one of the biggest "pluses" for me is the use of the "tag" function - how cool is that .... and "super duper" useful to boot


    i am having the "dangest time" trying to get the zimlets thing working ... and unfortunately all the data that comes up in search seems to have been written in "geek speek" .... i was able to access the control panel - as per some of the "instructions" that came up on search, but didn't get any further than that point...

    i do not have a "Zimlets " panel on the LHS of the screen when Zimbra Desktop is open .... i seem to think that i should have that panel listing them ...

    i have also noticed that the only reference to zimlets that i can find on the ZD is under the search function .... two tick boxes - URL and Phone number ... i cant seem to find any other reference to zimlets anywhere in preferences etc etc

    i have found the folder called zimlets ... and copied the zimlet zip files that i want to use (social, B'Day Reminder, Wikipedia, sticky notes etc etc) ...

    How do i get these zimlets to function ... or to activate them or whatever the term is .... is there a "How To" for this written in "Baby Steps" .... judging by the posts that attempt to address this topic it is very much needed ...

    i have really enjoyed using ZD over the last month .... and am very appreciative of all he work that must have gpone into this project ... but it seems to me that to fully tap its potential, it needs a more advanced level of "computing skills" than most ppl possess ...

    which seems such a pity, because it is a beautiful program that really holds a lot of promise

    so, can anyone give an "easy to understand - laymans guide" to this zimlet activation process .... and why is this so hard to do when the rest of the program is so intuitive?

    is it possible that my version just doesn't allow the zimlet thing

    also ... is there an inbuilt spellchecker when composing an email and is there any way that i can get my choice of "ending" inserted at the bottom of an email that i want to send ... ie "with kind regards, A|T" ... or please reply to me at ... or whatever .... i looked at the signiture section but i dont think that it does quite what i want...

    anyway ... great program guys .... but any help on these issues is greatly appreciated


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    I'd like baby steps as well. We do need a laymans guide to installing zimlets.

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    Installing Zimlets into a Linux Distrobution:

    Down load Zimlet and and place it in zimbra/zdesktop/zimlets

    next run this code in the terminal:
    cd /home/dai/zimbra/zdesktop

    java -cp jetty/lib/log4j-1.2.8.jar:jetty/common/lib/commons-httpclient-3.0.jar:jetty/common/lib/mail.jar:jetty/common/lib/commons-logging.jar:jetty/common/lib/commons-codec-1.3.jar:jetty/common/lib/json.jar:jetty/common/lib/dom4j-1.5.jar:jetty/common/lib/zimbracommon.jar:jetty/webapps/service/WEB-INF/lib/zimbrastore.jar -Dzimbra.config=conf/localconfig.xml com.zimbra.cs.zimlet.ZimletUtil deploy zimlets/

    replace with the name of your (

    Use the terminal to stop and re-start Zimbra:
    ./zdesktop stop
    ./zdesktop start

    this procedure should work but, I have so far only got to work on Ubuntu Lucid.

    I hope this helps


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    Take a look at this page ZimletDevSetup - Zimbra :: Wiki it has a zimlet installer for windows but it did not work for me maybe you will have better luck

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