Maybe there's something wrong with me, but ... I just can't find the way to log in to Zimbra Web Client in Firefox. Normally when it comes to web mail clients I go to their website (for example Free Webmail and E-Mail by GMX | Sign Up Now! based on AJAX too) and I hit the "sign-in" or "login" button. I couldn't find such one at Zimbra website. Anywhere. And I must say that I'm not complete computer layman .

I have Zimbra Desktop installed and I'm using it on my desktop, but I want to be able to access my e-mails, calendar and tasks on another machine (it's not convenient to install again Zimbra Desktop on EVERY PC I use).

I asked my friend who works for major corporation how he gets access to his zimbra account (this corporation uses Zimbra Cllaboration Suite), and he said that he just goes to his company's mail server or something like this.... I'm confused.

Please tell me (step by step, if it's possible) what should I do to use Zimbra Web Mail Client.

THX in advance