G'Day All,

I have heard about this for mobile devices. But a client had this use case.

"We fire a person, web based we can change password and lock em out. What about if they use Zimbra desktop?"

Now, I KNOW that people can pop or imap (unless we turn that off) and smart people can also have forwarded and have copies of data, yadda, yadda, yadda.

For the normal non tech person - they want to know if after a password is changed - will the Zimbra client still load and allow access to cached data?

And is there a way to allow the client to still connect and force a wipe? Even if it is a manual thing like moving all data to a new account and leaving the old account active with the password untouched - so when the user next logs in..... bang.

Would also be nice for stuff like lost laptops, etc..