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Thread: Calendar is showing other's schedules

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    Default Calendar is showing other's schedules

    Hey All,
    We're evaluating Zimbra, so as part of our test, I've installed the Desktop Client on an Ubuntu machine and configured my account accordingly. Presently, I am just experimenting with the client connecting to our existing Exchange 2003 server via IMAP. Our Zimbra test server is not connected to the Exchange server at all - yet. When I pull up my mailbox, one of the first unusual things that I noticed was that with this client, my mailbox was substantially larger (roughly 5 X larger) than what it was on Outlook 2007. My entire mailbox is typically less than 100mb. I show well over 500mb using the Zimbra client. For some odd reason, I can't sort mail by size (can only sort by date, FROM and subject), so I couldn't see if I had something had hit my inbox that was unusually large. I just happened to mouse-over a date in one of the emails, and noticed that it showed my schedule for that particular date. It was at that point that I realized I was seeing other people's schedules.

    On a whim, I went to the calendar and found what looks to be numerous people's schedules overlapping each other - but placed on my calendar. I checked, and almost none of the visible schedules / meeting requests have me as a recipient. Is this perhaps a configuration issue I have with the Zimbra client, or does the client query anything that it has the credentials to get information from?

    This particular account that I am using is not my administrative account that I use for administering Exchange, but it has been used in the past to do Exmerge's or exporting to PST's for people. That's the only reason I can think that I might be seeing other people's calendars / schedules?


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    Anyone have even a far-reaching guess? This is the reason we're evaluating this product so that we can be reasonably aware of what our end-users will be experiencing with a potential migration away from Exchange. I know for a fact this wouldn't fly with any of the management, and I haven't even gotten to configuring the accessibility of the GAL through ZD. Any assistance would be incredibly helpful.

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