We have a number of non techie users testing the betas in the real world and I thought it would be helpful if I collated some UI changes to B3 suggested that might help.

Rather than an enhancement in bugzilla I thought mentioning it here might get some more input before a request is fired in.

It has been suggested that the account setup fields be named slightly different and have sample information populate the fields.

1) Change Zimbra as the server type Zimbra Mailbox.
2) Rename incoming mail server to your Zimbra server name.
3) Offer example text eg user@your.email or your.zimbra.server etc.
4) Follow this throughout the setup interface for other account types.

It was pointed out that most intelligent, confident and capable people still don't read manuals but do expect the software to guide them. We who live in techie stuff and RTFM will find this almost prickly ;-) but then it isn't us techies we need to use the software!

Simple consistent terms and the small things would make a real difference!

There's more to come about the ui as we go through the reports but I hope that helps a small bit!