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Thread: ZD2 Beta 3 Errors (reply text missing, local folder sync only for calendar and tasks)

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    Default ZD2 Beta 3 Errors - updated with bugzilla numbers


    I've glanced through the last few pages as well as bugzilla and couldn't see anything about these but I never seem to use the right search terms so I'd like to know if these issues are known before I file bug reports or if fixes are available.

    1) Some messages refuse to include text when replying/forwarding. It never works for certain messages but always will for others. The body of the message will be completely blank, without text or signature. I can type new text however but still pretty useless as a replying/forwarding tool.

    2) (KNOWN and posted in bugzilla) Read receipts don't seem to work properly when you accept to send them. You get a soap error.

    3) I installed ZD2 on a second computer. All e-mails were showing up but only the "Local Folders" calendars were showing up. Uninstalled presto and back to ZCS until later revisions.

    4) Can't set Zimbra Desktop as default mail app (doesn't remember setting after clicking save). Under win 7 so UAC might be in play but ZD1 worked (well the setting didn't do much but it remembered it).

    5) Sometimes, the inbox screen won't refresh until I click on the inbox tab. I haven't found any pattern to this. This is espcially annoying when I delete an e-mail and it stays there until I click on the inbox tab.

    6) The ZD icon does not flash when I have a new msg (tested only on win 7 - might have to do with taskbar ?).

    7) It's memory usage is still way too high, espcially for systems with only 512 MB of RAM (a few of our older laptops) to use which is disapointing as I was under the impression this version was supposed to be more optimized than ZD1. I found Outlook to do a much better job in that department.

    8) A big one here. Sometimes ZD just looses conncetivity with the server and will not get it back until the zdesktop is closed. Which isn't as easy as it once was as "Stop Services" isn't an available option any longer when right clicking the taskbar icon. That's obviously a big issue. This seems to appear mostly when getting out of hibernation but it might happen at other times as well.

    Other than that it works pretty well. Big improvement in the looks and ease of use department. Kudos on that.

    Have a few of these issues been reported/solved already ? I think 2 and 5 have been reported already but I couldn't find anything else.

    Looking forward to the next release.

    Edit : Forgot number 8 which is a major issue.
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