I'm working on a Mac Pro using Snow Leopard (latest revision).

I have installed the most recent beta of Zimbra Desktop (version 2 beta 3). I have successfully synced with my cloud host and also connected a gmail imap account. ZD appears to be working properly, although not without some trouble initially.

No matter what I try to do to get the social zimlet to work, it fails. It either fails to install, or once installed it will not create an account for various reasons.

If I can get the zimlet to install, by manually dropping the zip file into the /zimlets folder, it will produce an icon on ZD the next time the program is launched. When I try to configure it, however, I cannot create any accounts. Twitter accounts result in an error fetching the authentication token (twitter: either the token has been used or the page has been used); Facebook authenticates and I can set permissions, but the account never shows up afterward.

Currently, however, I cannot get the zimlet to install no matter what. If I try to upload it from the ZD prefs, it fails. If I drop it into the /zimlets folder, nothing happens. And, oddly, there is currently nothing in my /zimlets-deployed folder even though the standard set of zimlets appear to be working properly and show up in prefs as installed. It's weird. I have tried several different versions of the zimlet too: the most recent in the gallery, several that were posted in threads, and the most recent version compatible with previous iteration of ZCS. None of them work.

I use twitter a lot and would love to get this working if it is possible. I am happy to debug if that would be helpful. But if this is hopeless, please tell me now so I can give up and move on to something productive.