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Thread: Local Folders automatically filled

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    Default Local Folders automatically filled

    Hi Guys,

    I got a requeriment of one customer, he told me if it's possible to allocate mails localy on PCs using zdesktop well i told you you got local folders, the functionality is great but he told me it's kind of hard because of the technical level of his users to ask them to drag and drop mails on there.

    Is there a way to do it automatiacally, let's say if a mail gots one month on the Inbox folder automatically move it to local folder.

    I was trying to do it but i got a hard time on open the mysql on zdesktop, i'm not sure if i'm doing rigth.

    anyone knows where i can find more info about the architecture of zdesktop and if it's possible to achieve it

    now i just has found a bug wich asks zimbra about this feature, please, any help will be great.

    here is the link on bugzilla if you want to check.
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    i am a new desktop user. i would like to know where are these local folders located? Dooyu have to create them?

    I am familiar on how to export/ info but i didn ot know ZDC had a local section to manually archive folders.

    Thanks in advaced.

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