I'm using the Beta 3 of Zimbra Desktop for a week now, and I can say it has becoming worst at every release!!! There are several problems I want to list, hoping for a resolution in the next beta.
- often when I restart the mac from standby or login again after hours, I find ZD not in the inbox has I leave it, but in the account summary page !!??!! Also, If I was writing a mail and I had not finished, in this situation the draft went away...
- every time I open ZD the messages are sorted by conversation. I prefer to have them sorted by message, but I found no place to tell it to remember my preference
- my ZD is connected to a Zimbra server 6.0.7 NE, sometimes when I delete a mail from inbox, the mail does not disappear and I have to manually refresh inbox or by going somewhere else (just like outbox or sent) and then go back to inbox to have it updated
- I've never been able to read my calendar when offline, not only the shared calendar of my colleagues, but also mine.

Hoping for a resolution of all this problems before going to GA.