Lates Version of the 1.0 Branch (didnt testet that with 2.x yet)

One thing which was a bit anoying and a bit confusing (where the hell are my mails :-)

i had a testinstall of 1.0 a week ago..
now i discovered (at the hunt for my mails) that this version always download pop3 mail even when the dekstop is closed.

its not on autostart but some service must run in the background.
for a zimbra only account it might be good to sync everytime (but in smae cases it isnt there too but ok ..)
but for pop3 ? no real sense - no im sorry no sense at all

if you forget to turnoff you pc and simply shut down you email clients (i do that normaly) i cant access my pop3 account by wenbinterface - ok i can but no more mails because zimbra is doing its background job

btw i dont like software doing anything if i closed it. if i close the window and no tray icons is there the software has NOT TO DO ANYTHING except beeing silent and using 0 ram 0 cpu :-)


anyone else on my side ? :-)