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Thread: SendMessage request failed: Human Verification required

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    Default SendMessage request failed: Human Verification required

    Problem is as follows

    cant send a email with my yahoo account. Yahoo requires a image verification when sending emails in order to prevent spammers from using free accounts. The error i get when sending with Zimbra is "SendMessage request failed: Human Verification required" Is there anyway we can get rid of this. I hate to use webmail and love the GUI of zimbra.



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    Default SendMessage request failed: Human Verification required - using Yahoo in Zimbra

    Here's how I managed to get over this problem:

    1. Using your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) log into your Yahoo email account;

    2. Create an email and send it to yourself (if you are then send it to;

    3. Yahoo will then display one of those images containing letters and numbers which you then have to put in a text box in order to proceed. Put them in and Yahoo will send the message.

    After that Zimbra should work properly. (At least it did for me.)

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    Default Same problem here

    I know this thread is a bit old, but it's the last I could find featuring the same problem I have, and I didn't want to start a new discussion.

    Before anything, just to make it clear: I don't send more than 3-5 mails daily from my Yahoo account (I have a POP account which I use most, which is also installed in my Zimbra Desktop). When I do send these mails, there is normally only one recepient (sometimes there is one or two in the CC line).

    Nevertheless, I get this error message every three mails I send through ZD which forces me to get into Yahoo Mail, introduce the Captcha, etc. So, Maybe Yahoo decided thery want their users to use their web interface, and not some external GUI, I really don't know. But this is really impossible - I want to use Zimbra, I really do, but it just wouldn't let me.

    Now, THERE ARE programs that offer a work-around solution to this problem (although I don't know about Email clients, since Zimbra is the only one I use). For exampe, I use FreeRapid Downloader to download files from MegaFiles, FileSonic, etc. As you know, some of these sites also require Captcha to be introduced. Well, the FreeRapid transmits this requirement to the user through its own GUI, which pretty much makes it easier to use.

    Is there any chance Zimbra would do the same?

    Guy Weisz

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