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Thread: AOL Mail...not saving copy of messages in sent folder

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    Default AOL Mail...not saving copy of messages in sent folder

    Just started using Zimbra Desktop with AOL mail and also with a pop3 provider.

    On AOL, messages that I send are not being saved in the sent folder, even though I have that option checked in preferences. I looked in the log and saw no errors.

    On the pop3 account, it does save sent messages.

    As a note, if I go to my Webmail client for AOL, it does save a copy in the saved mail folder--and when I sync with Zimbra, it appears in the sent folder.

    (the messages I sent from Zimbra also do not appear in the online sent folder--as expected).

    Any ideas?

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    I'm also having the same issue, does anyone have an idea of how to fix this problem


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    Default Are you using firewall

    I am having a similar problem but a little different.

    I am assuming my firewall blocks SMTP port, I am able to send emails without attachments and it does save in sent folder. But when i send it with attachment it does not copy in sent folder.

    One biggest possibility is that the user permissions are to be set to zimbra on the sent folder where the mail gets saved after sending out.

    But i dont know if its a solution or such folder does actually exists.

    May be a clue ??

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