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Thread: ZD as default email -AGAIN

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    Default ZD as default email -AGAIN

    Sorry for asking this again, but is it possible to have ZD be the default email app and open when a file is right clicked and " send to email recipient" is requested? I've set this option in Globals, but right clicking a file and send to... produces an Outlook window instead.

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    I was looking for the same.
    Not Possible at the Moment.

    You must understand (or not) that ZDekstop is not a normal Emailprogramm.
    Its not even real java.

    Its more like a ZimbeWebinterface with an apache Server running un

    I also absolutly do not understand why Zimbra do not make a own real client.
    The only adantage using the Desktop over the WEbinterface is that bigger files are easier to attach to mails.

    But working speed and all other stuff has same disadvantages as the Webinterface.

    I would have been sticked to thunderbird, making a awesome connector for it. - its also multiplatform - and better suported /bigger community
    - it has it lacks liek calendar and stuff but here could zimbra invest our money - and forget the zdesktop

    the desktop is a misconzept - from my personal view - except offline mailwriting and reading has no other adantage so why using it - why developing it - i really dont get it.

    they can add 15k mor efeatures and can never ever compete to outlook.
    simply the 0815 user who often decide which programm to use dont care in first line of features.
    in first line he want to work fast.
    and here the desktop application like outlook are having an massive adantage.

    sorry to let it here out but it was time for that one :-)

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