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Thread: Setting Zimbra as default for Filemaker "Sendmail"

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    Default Setting Zimbra as default for Filemaker "Sendmail"

    We have switched from Mac mail to Zimbra running server version 6.
    In our filemaker app we have a "sendmail" option that before the switch was defaulting to Mac mail.
    I have set zimbra on my machine to be the default mail client and when I try to use sendmail nothing happens.
    There are 2 options when setting up the sendmail in filemaker, it can either be set to mail client or SMTP which then asks for port and smtp host.
    I did a test by setting the sendmail statement to smtp, host=zimbra, port=25.
    Still nothing happened.

    There doesn't seem to be much info about filemaker and zimbra.
    Hope someone can furnish a little insight.


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    Filemaker does not seem to use mailto: url with the script function Send Mail [Send Mail via E-Mail Client] - it is trying to send some other way

    However if you make your own mailto: url it does correctly open Zimbra Desktop 7 -> Field = "mailto:" & emailAddress - use the Open URL script function on the field

    SMTP - you want to send it to your email server not your email client


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