Right now I'm using my old email server AND Zimbra Desktop, to "test drive" Zimbra - ensure I'm receiving all my emails, see if it is going to give me errors or crash, etc. (like my current one, hence why I want to switch!) Anyway, a result of this is that I'm not active on Zimbra at all times, so here is the deal.... I open Zimbra Desktop via the desktop icon and it stays up and seems fine, check email, and so forth. Then I go about my daily work, making calls, writing documents, and such, and next thing I know, Zimbra Desktop is no longer open. It isn't just minimized or in my system tray, it is completely closed and I have to re-click the icon to get it open again.

So, is there a timeout setting somewhere that I need to adjust or is it crashing on me or what? I have looked through Preferences and cannot find any sort of timeout feature, so I'm not sure if this is a built-in feature that I should expect to happen or something strange is going on.

Can someone give me some feedback on this? I've checked blogs and forums and cannot find any reference to this by anyone else.