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Thread: IMAP and deleted mail without starting zdesktop

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    Default IMAP and deleted mail without starting zdesktop

    Hello everyone,

    I have zebra desktop installation with two accounts - one gmail, one yahoo. However due to a dispute with one of our housemates all of the mail was deleted on my husband his computer. I personally haven't started up zdesktop so far.
    The accounts both have IMAP, so according to the internet it will synchronize on the computer and I'm afraid to lose all our information. The other PC has been erased already, so only this one is left. The yahoo account was used to send our accountant important information about pending orders and forecasts. I don't really care about the gmail, if it's lost, so be it.

    Is it possible with zebra to not synchronize and "backup" this emails in a readable format format somewhere so we know what orders are left ?

    Everything happened yesterday, so even if a day is missing, we will send out a mail for everyone who purchased something during the weekend.

    I realize we should make a backup more often and I'm looking into that next, though any help of any kind will be greatly appreciated to resolve this situation if it's even possible.

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by yalkshire View Post
    I have zebra desktop installation
    I guess you mean Zimbra Desktop?

    If you're using IMAP to connect to your mail server then the mail will still be on the server. I'd suggest you do this, on your PC you can disable the network connection so you can't connect to the internet. When you've done that you should start Zimbra Desktop then go to the preferences section and export the mail (it will export it to a compressed file), you should then be able to enable your network connection again and let ZD synchronise your email. If you're really bother about a backup then you could also backup all the files in the Zimbra Desktop directory with whatever backup tool you usually use (or just copy them to a compressed file, either one or bot of those methods should do what you want.


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