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    Quote Originally Posted by khans View Post
    Problem was with imapsync version, after update to newest and sync. Everything is ok.
    We have problem with ZDesktop 1.0.4, we try on Windows XP sp3 only appear the folders empy and the tasks, we have Zimbra 6.0.5.

    We try with a Virtual Machine and with this was sucessfull :S

    I would like if you can show me what exactly you do for resolve the problem and if you know the reason?

    Thanks a lot

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    You posted this in the wrong forum, it has nothing to do with ZCS/Installation, I'll move it to the ZD forum.

    I'd suggest you download and try the ZD 2 beta 4, details for the download are in the ZD forums and the Announcements forum and the Zimbra blog.


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