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Thread: Beta 4 : Signature line spacing issue

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    Default Beta 4 : Signature line spacing issue

    I haven't seen any mention of this in bugzilla or in the forums yet but with Beta 4, my signatures are double spaced while on ZCS web interface, they're single spaced as usual.

    It's not consistent behavior either as when I reply to some e-mails, my signature is fine but some others are not. All new emails have this issue.

    Changing the mail type to plain text does not solve the issue (but I can delete the spacing manually at that point), nor does changing my signature.

    If I bring my signature on the same line as my regular body of text and delete the line returns to do them over, the new line returns are single spaced but it doesn't count as a signature to the system anymore (ie: if I switch signature, it's not going to delete the "fixed" version).

    Anybody else have this issue or a way to fix it ?

    If nobody has any idea, I'll put it up in bugzilla.

    This is tthe only beta 4 issues I've had so far too. Every other bug appears fixed.

    Edit : You know what, my last comment isn't true. There's also an issue where the helper.exe will ask for elevated priviledges each time the program is run. I'm guessing this behavior is not intended and denying it doesn't seem to have any adverse effect on running the program itself.
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