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Thread: How to Get Mail from my isp

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    Hi guys,
    Our emails are currently hosted by our isp. and we have about Fifty users hosted.I want a to know if zimbra server can do the following;

    (1) fetch those mails from my isp. i.e Zimbra will serve as a local host that will download all mails from my isp to itself, thereby making zimbra my local server.
    (2)relay those mails downloaded to individual's mail boxes created on the local server
    (3)archive those mails on the local server
    (4) the local server will sever as intranet for the organisation
    (5) mails will be sent out through the zimbra box to the Isp



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    The short answer is yes.

    It sounds like you may want to do a little reading into what zimbra actually is though as while it's possible to use it to sit infront of your ISP's mail server, its not very beneficial to do.

    Zimbra would replace the ISP's mail server, putting the power into your hands, mail will be sent directly to your server, bypassing the ISP entirely.

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