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Thread: Question about Zimbra Desktop Password

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    Default Question about Zimbra Desktop Password

    I know that when using Zimbra Desktop you don't have to put in a password to log in. You just have to put it at first on the set up account page when first using Zimbra Desktop. The problem is that eventually that password expires without notice, because I realized I was no longer receiving emails on Zimbra Desktop, so I went to the accounts set up page and it showed my password was no longer valid, so I had to go to Zimbra through a web browser where you do have to put in a password and I had to change my password then go back to the accounts set up page in Zimbra Desktop and edit to put in my new password then finally everything synched and I started getting email again. Does anyone know a better way to do this? Im just thinking that other users will not know what to do when they all of a sudden stop getting emails or will they just have to go to zimbra through the web browser and change their password and then change it in zimbra desktop each time the password expires?

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    I agree!

    I have spent more than 2 hours trying to change the password in the ZIMBRA DESKTOP interface, just to find no way of doing it.


    I did, however figure-out the password can only be changed via the WWW interface. There is a little button coming up in the ZD inteface, only with a 'debug' option on it. Now, for my environment where a user does not even know that changing a password takes the format of OLD-PASSWORD/2*NEW-PASSWORD, this is defenately a no-show...

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    Aubrey Kloppers

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